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Back Catalogue

Below you’ll find 23 different biblical series – Old Testament, New Testament, Seasonal, as well as a major series on the Holy Spirit.  All series are free to download or read online, and are also undated, so you can go at your own pace!  Just click on each link to access whichever catches your eye….

Wildfires – the Spirit in the Bible.  A journey from Genesis to Revelation on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, who reveals the reality of God’s presence and power to the world throughout history.  In this series we are invited not just to learn, but also to continue to welcome the Spirit’s presence in our lives today.

New Testament Series

The Gospel of Mark – ‘Good News!’  History changes for good as Jesus arrives – fast-paced and full of practical, life-transforming wisdom: we can never tire of what Mark has to teach us.

The Gospel of Luke, ‘The King of kings’. Written in a season when our nation has mourned the loss of a great monarch, and the start of a new reign, let’s be inspired by Luke’s portrait of the greatest King of all.

The Gospel of John, chapters 1-6.  Deep and reflective, John’s gospel paints a beautiful portrait of Jesus the Messiah. 

The Book of Acts, chapters 1-10.  How God’s Spirit changes the lives of Jesus’ followers and begins to change the world, too.  May we too be inspired afresh in our generation.

The Book of 2 Corinthians.  Reflecting deeply on the day-to-day paradoxes of faith – suffering and comfort, joy and trouble, spiritual treasures held ‘in jars of clay’ – this heartfelt gem of a letter is less well-known but full of rich treasure.

The Book of Philippians.  Journey through this wonderful little letter over 13 days.

The Book of Colossians.  Christ is all we need! Be encouraged by the supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus in this remarkable letter.

Hebrews 11-12: The Cloud of Witnesses.  A short series on the heroes of faith, and how they can inspire and energise our lives today.

Old Testament Series

The Book of Joshua.  A rip-roaring tale with lots to inspire us.  Never an ‘easy read’, but with echoes of grace throughout.  Above all, God keeps his promises.

The Book of Deuteronomy (chs1-19).  On the threshold of a new home, let’s listen in to one of the great sermons of all-time, as Moses addresses God’s people and reminds them of his covenant of faithful love – enduring to this day!

The Book of Esther.  A wonderful story of faith and courage lived out in the ‘real world’.

Psalms 1-43.  Day by day, ‘a psalm a day helps you work, rest and pray.’

Psalms 90-106.  The Psalms are songs for the journey.   Let’s be nourished with the humility, the honesty, and the heartfelt faith of the psalmists, and may we find a voice to draw near to God each day.

Isaiah chapters 40-55: ‘The Shock of the New’  One of the great prophetic visions, as fresh today as ever. Thirty days of amazing promises, and renewed hope!

The Book of Daniel.  The life of Daniel and his friends is a story for our times: how to live with faith and integrity in a different culture.  This series unpacks both the iconic stories and also the powerful prophecies.

Seasonal Series

Advent.  Telling the story chronologically across the gospels, 24 days waiting expectantly for the coming King! 

Looking for Light.  A series of reflections on the theme of light in the bible.  A great tonic when the days are short and the nights are long!

Holy Week.  Reflections in Matthew 26 and 27.

Easter Week.  Reflections on the traditional readings for the Sundays in Easter Season.

Ascension Day. A mini-series of 3 reflections on the importance of Jesus’ Ascension into heaven.

The week after Pentecost. A mini-series of 6 reflections in Acts 2:1-41, taking us from Pentecost to Trinity Sunday.

Remembrance.  A short series from Isaiah and the Psalms for the season of Remembrance.